Use Free Cloudflare for goDaddy website

20 Nov 2017

In this article we will explain the steps to use free cloudflare account on top of godaddy hosting. There are several benefits of using Cloudflare for your website as it provide Caching, HTTPS and several other features for free. And all these features will enhance your website speed and SEO ranking. So, lets dive in and get started with the cloudflare configuration part.

Steps to use Free Cloudflare account

  • First of all go to and register on cloudflare.
  • Add your website details and begin cloudflare - Add Website
  • Once scan gets completed, click Continue button and move to next step.Scan


  • Check all the DNS records and ensures it matched with with the DNS records of goDaddy account and click continue.DNS Details


  • In the next step select the free plan, from the available list of plans.Free Plan


  • In the last step, cloudflare will show current and new nameserver names and we need to update the new nameserver in place of current nameservers.NAmeservers


  • Now, we need to login to goDaddy account and go to
  • Now, Click Manage DNS. MAnage DNS


  • And, check the current nameserver details, and edit it with custom DNS details.Edit Nameserver


  • Add the DNS details provided by the cloudflare.

This will complete the cloudflare integration with your website. Now, you can explore all the menus of cloudflare.

Cloudflare Menu

Cloudflare provide free SSL certificate, and you can use it directly on your site, and your site will use HTTPS, to do that follow these steps:


There are several other options available in cloudflare check them all, and try to implement them on your site. It will enhance the speed and SEO of your site.

Congratulations! you have implemented SSL on your website for FREE. Share your feedback here