Ryan School Murder Case - CBI reconstructed the case

10 Nov 2017
Ryan Murder Case

NEW DELHI:  In Ryan school murder case a Class 11 student accused of killing seven-year-old Pradyuman Thakur at the Ryan International School in Gurgram last month had been the CBI's main suspect for over a  month, sources say. According to the CBI probe team, a Class 11 student, believed to be weak in his studies, allegedly slit Pradyuman Thakur’s throat to get the school declare a holiday in order to defer a scheduled parent-teacher meeting (PTM) and an examination.  As per CBI, they have a reason to believe the teen was a suspect even before police handed over the case to the CBI on September 22. This boy was the last to leave the toilet. The role of another student who was with the accused teen when he informed a gardener and a teacher about the child's blood-soaked body is also being investigated. But the evidence against the Class 11 student is not so strong.

Ryan School Murder Case - Role of Bus Conductor

I was made scapegoat, will sue police for torture: Ryan School’s bus conductor. The bus conductor, who was arrested on charges of murder and sexual assault of eight-year-old Pradyumn Thakur at Gurgaon’s Ryan International School, said on Friday he will file a case against the Haryana police and school’s management for torturing and defaming him. His comments came a day after a Class 11 student of the same school was arrested.

Ryan Conductor

Conflict between police and CBI

“Koi baat nahin” – no big deal. This is what the director general of police, Haryana said when media persons confronted him about why the Gurugram Police arrested Ashok Kumar, the school bus conductor, and paraded him as the culprit in the Ryan International School murder. Police still have there stand and CBI has altogether a different theory. But there are lots of questions which needs to be answered before convicting anyone in this case.

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