Odd Even Rule in Delhi to control pollution - Canceled

11 Nov 2017
Odd Even in Delhi

The NGT or National Green Tribunal had banned most exemptions in Odd Even rule in Delhi - including to two-wheelers, government officials and women -- in the Odd-Even Rule, which the Delhi government had planned to launch for five days starting Monday.

Delhi government has cancelled the odd even rule from 13th Nov. Earlier government has planned for odd even rule for a week. In the last week Delhi is going through major air pollution problem. And government has decided to start odd even rule once again as a measure to control pollution. The odd-even scheme might have been successful in bringing traffic down substantially, but the government has announced a whole range of exceptions that will be applicable for these days irrespective of the number plate that these cars are fitted with. The decision was announced after an emergency cabinet meeting within hours of the National Green Tribunal's conditional acceptance of the Odd-Even scheme. The chief among the conditions was a scrapping of exemptions for women and two-wheelers.

Odd Even Rule

Odd Even Rule in Delhi canceled

Pulling up the government for delayed implementation of the Odd-Even Rule, the court had said, "It seems you just want to reduce vehicles from roads... What is the basis of exemptions if you want to improve air quality?"

Earlier Fines in Odd / Even

Earlier government planned for vehicles not complying with the odd-even scheme will be heavily fined in Delhi. The government has announced a steep Rs 2,000 fine for any and all vehicles that have not been exempted and are yet running on the road on days that they are not allowed.

Public Transport

Earlier government has plans to make more convenient, lets see how it works now. From November 13 to November 17 when the odd-even scheme kicks in, public transport solutions in Delhi will be critical in order to keep day-to-day operations smooth. In order to counter the higher flow of people who will opt for public transport, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has already increased the frequency of trains. This increased frequency will run through the odd-even week too. The Delhi Metro will now be running 3317 train trips instead of the standard 3131.

Even DTC Buses will have higher volume for making smooth public transport. And government might decide to reduce DTC fares for 1 week or so. This whole odd even rule will be there for 1 week. 

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