Love story in college life

13 Nov 2017

Every Love Story has a beginning……

But some stories never have their end… !!!

Love is a special kind of feeling which one develops in different stages for different people. This feeling is not only for your life partner, but for parents and siblings, but this article is all about the lady love.

The search for your life partner starts when you are in school and you start falling for different girls in an attempt to find your best life partner. In this examination of love everyone gets good marks, but till they achieve their goal they have to pass lot of hurdles.

Love Story

The starting of love is at the time of birth itself, but one starts expressing this feeling to others in different stage of their life starting from their school age, without knowing what love is, and when you enter in your college life, this feeling reaches its zenith.

This is a short video is a humorous way of expressing the different attempts made by different people to impress a girl in college.

I hope you all are able to connect to your college days after watching this video and have a good laugh throughout this video.

Keep Smiling and enjoy the journey of laughter throughout your life.

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