Funny Christmas wishes

29 Nov 2017
Merry Christmas

If you want to send some good Funny Christmas wishes to your friends and loved ones this Christmas, you’ve come at the right place. Here we have a list of witty, humorous and funny Christmas messages and jokes that will make them smile, if not laugh. Scroll down and browse our Christmas jokes and funny Christmas wishes images below.

Funny quotes for Christmas greetings

  • Christmas has been canceled! And it's your fault because I told Santa you had been good and he died laughing!
  • Greetings from North Pole! Don't be shocked... it's Christmas again!
  • Hope your Christmas is out of this world!
  • His name is Clause. Santa Clause. The Force is with him. And he'll be back!Funny Christmas Wishes


  • Christmas comes each time this year - 
  • Relax, enjoy, and have some beer!
  • May your holidays be like Santa - fat, cheerful and abundant!
  • I mistakenly wrapped your Christmas present in paper that says "Happy Birthday". So I added wording "to Jesus" on it. Merry Christmas!Logo Santa


  • Wishing you season's eatings and a bloody good New Year!
  • Hey you two over there, 
  • It's the old, bearded guy and his silly reindeer! 
  • We're here to bring you holiday cheer.
  • And wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  • Christmas is like job: you do all the work but fat guy in suit gets all the credit. Enjoy and be merry!

Christmas wishes

  • Wishing you hit the jackpot for health, wealth, and happiness this holiday season and throughout the New Year 2018!
  • OMG! Christmas already? Wishing you a "train load" of good wishes.
  • Hope your Christmas is the "M" word (Merry)!!!
  • Holidays are exhausting. Ho Ho! Keep calm and enjoy Christmas!
  • Hoping you have a 100% Awesome Christmas 2017!
  • The goose is getting fat 
  • And gifts are piling up each day; Santa Dies Laughing


  • Enjoy your Christmas time my friend, 
  • May good things come your way!
  • I wish you a White Christmas! But if your White Wine runs out, drink the Red...
  • This year you was not good... You was FANTASTIC! May your celebration be joyous and your holidays bright!
  • It's all fun and games 'till Santa checks the Naughty List... Can't wait to see your gift by Christmas!
  • How do cats greet each other at Christmas? 
  • A furry Merry Christmas and happy Mew Year!
  • May Santa always stop at your house. Merry Christmas!

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