Delhi Pollution Jokes viral on social networks

11 Nov 2017
Delhi People with mask

Delhi pollution Jokes after smog in Delhi is trending on social networking sites. Bane of every Dilliwala's (Noida and Gurgaon residents too) existence – deadly smog. Pollution levels in the Delhi-NCR have crossed permissible levels bringing the citizens to their knees and left gasping for fresh air.

Here are some of the viral jokes and memes based on Delhi pollution. Peoples finds out reasons to laugh, no matter what!

Delhi Pollution Jokes and Memes

  1. Tiger Zinda hai. 5 din ke liye Delhi bhejo apne aap mar jayega.
  2. Superman after flying through Delhi air for 10 min.Superman in Delhi


  3. Mr. India doesn't need his watch in Delhi. No one can see anything anyway. #Smog
  4. *2 guys fighting in Delhi*

    Guy1: “Dekh loonga tujhe”

    Guy2: “Lol. Not possible”#DelhiSmog

  5. Report " Living in Delhi is just like smoking 50 cigarettes in a day " 

    Jaitley " nikaalo 1000-1000 rupaye sab "

  6. Men smoke cigarettes. 
    Real mean smoke cigars. 
    Legends live in Delhi..
  7. Delhiite 1: tu jaanta nahi mera baap kaun hai
    Delhiite 2: abey pehle ye bata tu kaun hai..kuch dikhai nahi de raha.
  8. #Smog in South Delhi is causing irritation in throat. It's more like Hauz खाँस ।
  9. Other states - aur kya chal rha h??

    Delhi - #smog chal rha h !!!!

  10. Do you smoke? No, I live in Delhi.

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