Cricket world cup memes

01 Jul 2019
Cricket World cup

Cricket world cup is no less than a festival for Indians, we love to follow each match and each incident that happens on the ground. Cricketers in India have the status of Demy gods. But all this fame and glory lasts only as long as they win the current match. This time in the world cup India has started with some great knocks and people are going crazy after each incident that happens on the ground, now you will see many memes in facebook and twitter from people and even celebrities, to show their excitement towards the game. Here are some of the selected post and tweets which explains the crazyness of Indians towards this game.

Cricket World Cup Memes

  • Vijay Shankar after taking a wicket against PakistanVijay Shankar After Taking Pakistani Wicket


  • Shoaib Malik's performance in this world cup.Shaoib Malik Against India


  • India's conspiracy against Pakistani team.

India Pakistan Toss Conspiracy - Cricket World Cup

  • Pakistan won the Toss and decided to - Sleep First, Haha.


  • Abhinandan Meme:-
    Sarfaraj: How do you win everytime?
    Kohli: I'm not supposed to tell you that.

Pakistan still confused how India wins

  • Pakistan's Batting in WC 2019.Pakistan in World cup 2019
  • Virat as Bahubali.

Virat as Bahubali

  • Win like Mr. Modi

Win Like Modi

Suggest some more memes in comments I'll keep this updated with the latest one. Celebrate this festival with full heart and enjoy the memes, nothing serious about it. Our passion and creativity can be seen in these memes and it shows how much we love this game. For more memes and funny contents check this page.